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Micherry after Aunty’s Love Pad - Ultimate Love

06 April 2020
Michael and Cherry became the first Ultimate Love Couple to Check Out of Aunty’s Love Pad in Season one. Let’s take a look at how their lives have shaped up, weeks after stepping out of Aunty’s Love Pad.
Life after Ultimate Love

Micherry have been enjoying some time together, giving us social media couple challenge goals. From a skit about Coronavirus to the ‘Flip the switch’ challenge, the two have been giving their every growing audience the content they need!

Dr. Cherry gets into comedy

As a medical professional, it’s natural that Dr. Cherry would gravitate towards a topic about health. She takes a comic approach to educate people about the importance of staying home during the times of Coronavirus. Take a look at her hilarious skit and let us know if you don’t agree that she has a future in Nollywood.

Flippin’ the switch

Michael and Cherry were not to be left out of the challenge that had taken over the internet at that time. Their interpretation of Drake’s ‘Flip the switch’ challenge featured Michael in a pink, short tight dress. We dare say it’s a sight to behold 😂

Fraternizing with the who is who of African entertainment

Micherry were also seen fraternizing with the who is who of the entertainment industry at the recently held Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards. They kept their look coordinated with a touch of classic and traditional. They looked just how a boss couple should!

Getting virtual love from celebs

First, it was Rita Dominic for Dr. Cherry, then it was Elozonam of BBNaija fame for Michael who both took to their Twitter pages to halla at the two love birds!

They will no doubt continue to collaborate on more projects so if you are a Micherry shipper, it is worth staying glued to their Instagram accounts: @drcherryb and @officialmichaelngene to follow their story.

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