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Meet the Roknation – Ultimate Love

30 March 2020
Ultimate Love winners Roksie announce the official name for their fans!
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We're all still buzzing with excitement after the spectacular crowning of Rosie and Kachie as the winners of Ultimate Love! Now just as we though we couldn't get any more excited, the couple has given us yet another thing to go crazy about!

Barely a day after leaving the Love Pad as millionaires, the couple revealed the official name for their fans! So for those of you who can't wait to continue stanning your faves and following their every move, you now have a Roksie endorsed fan club name to go by. The name in question is ROKNATION! Yupp, the clever play on Jay Z's business empire is now what the lover's fans will be going by from here on out!

Love the name? Here's what some of the fans have had to say thus far:

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