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Making it work – Ultimate Love

08 March 2020
We've seen out Couples throwing tantrums, crying and fighting but after all that said and done they're all good and working towards making their relationships work.
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In line with this week’s theme, ‘making it work’, our Love Couple have been doing exactly than and it’s so beautiful to watch that they’re ready to ride through the storm to make their relationships work.

In this week we’ve seen our Love Guests throwing tantrums, crying and kissing to make it feel better.


Jelo have had it rough this week with Louis ready to call it quits and his exact words “I don’t this would work". This comes after the Couple have a few glitches in their relationship which have been a result of miscommunication. However, as things stand, it looks like they’re taking that leap of faith and trying to make it work. Loius even mentioned to Theresa that he’s tired of the fighting and want to make thing work with Jenny Koko.



If you haven’t been following this Couple, you’d think they’ve known each other more than three weeks. We’ve seen it all and they still continue to show us the dynamics of making it work because they’re ready to fight for one another. Even after their argument during the week, it wasn’t long before they resolved and squashed the misunderstanding.


There’s a saying that opposites attract and ObiEbi have proven this over and over again because even after arguments they still find their way to each other. The fight they had on Friday has to be the biggest one they’ve had in the Love Pad with Obi getting angry that his partner was behaving un-lady like. After spending hour trying to understand their differences, it wasn’t long before they were back to being ObiEbi in love. And what better birthday present than having the one you love praying over your life on your birthday? Priceless!


Not even an ex can be a threat to this Couple. And coincidentally they spoke about their reactions if one of their exes would go into the Love Pad and the reaction we saw on Friday was nothing closer to what they said. However, as Iyke has said if the "relationship didn’t break you .it’s no use revisiting it". And after they spoke about it again it’s all systems go for them and they’re still going strong.


After the whole calamity with Sylvia, Jerry seemed happy to have found Meriton and for a few days we saw them tied in the hip. However, things haven’t at all hunky-dory for this Couple as Meriton feels Jerry isn’t letting her in. Last night’s dinner date had Jerry being appreciative of his partner and we hope it’s a start to rekindling the Love they showed for one another when they started.

In all that happened in the Love Pad this week, the Couples seem to have ways to resolve their issues and we’re happy to witness love prospering.

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