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Love Guests send Love – Ultimate Love

29 February 2020
Exclusively online, the Chatroom was an opportunity for the Love Guests to send love to their families.
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Three weeks into the Love Pad, the Love Guest, in our exclusive Online Chatroom took the opportunity to send Love to their families, friends and fans.

Given two options to choose from; recording a vlog or message loved ones, it was bittersweet for them as it was an opportunity to explain their stay, but they realised that they’re missing the outside world.

It’s not easy

One thing the Love Guests expressed was the fact that being in the Love Pad might seem like they’re chilled but it’s tough. Being in a shared space and trying to find love and make it work is no child’s play but they're enduring through it all.


The opportunity to send messages home had some of the Love Guests trying hard to hold back tears as they spoke of how they’re missing everyone on the outside. They also took the opportunity to ask for guidance from their loved ones, to call and get them in order if they're walking astray. However, more than anything they’re were happy that they could get messages out to the outside world.

Source of motivation

With all the Love Guests attesting that this journey they’re embarking on is not easy, Chris took the opportunity to share with her followers who are going through hardships like she’s been in the Love Pad, to use her as an motivation piece and look at her as a beacon of hope.

The Chatroom is exclusively live on africamagic.tv/ultimatelove every Saturday.


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