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Love during lockdown - Ultimate Love

01 April 2020
Kachi and Rosie walked off the Ultimate Love Nigeria Live Stage this past Sunday N5 million richer and plans to host a blue Aso ebi themed wedding because the latter is a Chelsea fan.
<p>Love on lockdown &ndash; Ultimate Love Nigeria</p>

The pair did not know that they will be leaving the safety and comfort of Aunty’s Love Pad to enter a world that is basically on lockdown. This means it may be a while before we see them enjoy their N10 million MultiChoice sponsored lavish traditional wedding. But, we are certain that things will not always be this way. What can they be getting up to in the meantime? We have a few suggestions.

Enjoy private moments

For the first time since meeting, Kachi and Rosie get to spend time together outside of the Love Pad. This is a great opportunity for them to enjoy some private time outside of Aunty’s ever-present and ever switched on cameras. This will give them the chance to bond on an even deeper level.

Video call family

The two are yet to meet each other’s families. This is a great time for them to connect with each other’s closest relatives and friends so that when it’s time for face to face formal meetings, they have at least broken the ice via video calling.

Research wedding suppliers

Thanks to Aunty’s wedding dress challenge, Rosie already has an idea of the type of wedding dress she would like to wear. Although this is a major aspect of getting married, it is only one of the myriad of decisions that await a couple that’s planning a wedding – especially a Nigerian one at that! Roksie can use this to time to begin sourcing suppliers for a tailor, food, venue and everything in between. This way, they will have a clear idea of who to hit up when the date is finally set.

Lockdown living arrangements

They will be getting a house courtesy of MultiChoice. They can use this lockdown period to talk in more detail about moving logistics – Rosie is from Ogun State while Kachi is from Imo state and is based in Abuja. What does a move mean logistically? Which school could their son go to? All those practical questions will have to be answered once they are able to freely move around the country.

Draw up a business plan

Kachi announced on the night of their win – and subsequently through his social media platforms - that they will be starting a clothing brand together. This is a good time to plan the execution of that business to the tee. The designs, manufacturing, supplying, marketing and all other aspects that involve launching and running a successful business.

Do you have any advice on what Ultimate Love Nigeria winners Rosie and Kachi could do with their time while on lockdown? Let us know!

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