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Love blossoms in the Love Pad– Ultimate Love

17 February 2020
The Love Couples are officially paired and the Love Pad seems like the soil kindliness and affection will blossom in.
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It’s been over 24 hours since the official pairing of Couples in the Love Pad and it seems they’re warming up to the idea of starting their happily ever after.

Micherry are running with the baton and solidifying their relationship. The Couple wasted no time committing to each other after they both uttered the words “I really want this”.

In a Love Pad that has been filled uncertainty and confusion, it seems Micherry have thrown away doubt and are willing to travel this road together. And, because we love love, we can’t wait to see their relationship growing from strength to strength.


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Others who have followed suit are ObiEbi as they, unlike most Couples, have been spending quality time together. The smiles they bring to each other’s faces are so beautiful to witness.

It truly is testimony that if you carry another person’s heart with delicacy, all things good will come to you. And what better reward than being with the person you so deeply care for?

All in good time

Other’s might have moved faster than the rest, but it isn’t all doom and gloom as they’re slowly connecting after the pairing. Jelo also took time to be with themselves all cosy in the garden and that only attested to the fact that the connection is gaining momentum.

Jaykech also seem to be warming up to each other because they’ll, from time to time, hold hands, while Jervia have made it their mission to work towards building the relationship.

Isn’t love such a beautiful thing? Hopefully all the Love Couples will soon find that little spark that will burst into a flame.



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