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Laws of Attraction in the Digital Age – Ultimate Love

04 February 2020
With Naija's hottest dating show debuting on Sun 9 Feb, we're spreading even more love with some top tips for your own, Ultimate Love story

Given that we're living in a more connected world than ever you'd think modern-day dating would be a breeze. Unfortunately, online dating seems to have actually compounded the problem of finding true love. How so? Well, too much choice, social media over-exposure and a shift torward casual relations given the ease with which one can now find a willing participant.

This might leave someone who's truly looking to make a profound, genuine and intimate connection in a bind. This is why we're here to help with a run-down of some tips for dating (particularly in the digital age). 


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One of the biggest factors messing things up for potential lovebirds everywhere are the incriminating trails we leave all over the internet. It's all fun and games when he/she slides into the DMs and the conversation's flowing but at some point, someone's going to get infatuated and thereafter, tempted to stalk. In short, if you've never Googled yourself, we HIGHLY advise you do.

Set your Twitter and Instagram to private unless they need to be public and review your Facebook privacy settings. That risky joke that you think is SO funny might not be interpreted so well when someone is still getting to know you. In the same vein, don't follow or stalk a potential date until you've met them and bonded over time. Trust us, people are not what the seem to be on social media. You may get your hopes up or badly taint your idea of them when they're actually perfect for you


Another common mishap is chatting via text for too long, especially if you met online via an app like Tinder. Sometimes things flow really well when someone has time to process and research their responses.  There's no harm in that if you're trying to impress and show interest but sometimes, things fall apart when people meet in person because the chemistry just isn't there. A person's volume, tone, voice and timing can completely render them irresistable or unattractive in instance. This also why sexting or being overally flirtatious in messages can set you up for disaster. Move things to a voice or video chat as soon as you can and remember to relax and just be yourself from the jump.


Typically, all you have to go with is a perfectly manicured selfie and a catchy bio. It's very, VERY easy to get caught up and start filling in the blanks. How sexy their voice must be, the way they must carry themselves, their charisma, intellect, money... Juuuust stop 👋! Don't make the mistake of falling in love with a fantasy and then rushing head first into something. Tone it down with the sexual innuendo. Take your time to bond in person and dont reveal too much about yourself. This is both to make sure you don't burn out but also for your safety.

What online dating tips have you learnt? Hit us up using "#UltimateLoveNG" on Twitter and we'll share our faves.

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