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Kachi's love of peace – Ultimate Love

11 March 2020
Kachi tenderly took Presh's hand and spoke about peace repeatedly.
Kachi makes up

Kachi has had time to reflect while being in the Love Pad. This morning, he took his chance and opened up to Presh.

"Why I wanted to see you yesterday was that I’ve looked at everything happening in the house," Kachi said. "I’m a lover of peace, I have this positive vibe, always happy. So I don’t like it when there is a negative vibe around due to some sort of things…"

"But the whole essence of this is I don’t want a situation whereby I walk out of this door and I am not on good terms with certain people, you understand? I want a situation whereby even when we leave this place we can still vibe, we can still connect as friends, sisters, and family," he added.

"We shouldn’t allow the environment to influence us negatively. Just make a positive vibe and let’s be happy with each other. Whatever thing, whatever you feel that is going on, and the fault is with me or my partner or from the both of us, I just want you to forget about it and adopt a positive vibe, look towards positivity, forget about what must have transpired in the past. Let’s put an end to this bickering and anger. I’ve spoken to my partner and I believe henceforth there will be positive energy, and positive vibes as much as possible."

Presh said she doesn't have a problem with him… now. He said: "In the future you might have?" And laughed.

"I never had any animosity towards you," Presh said.

They literally shook hands and made up and we're feeling it!

See the entire conversation:

Hats off to Kachi for keeping the friendship flame alive!

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