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Jelo after Aunty’s Love Pad - Ultimate Love

07 April 2020
Jelo became the third Ultimate Love Couple to be Checked Out from Aunty’s Love Pad this Season. They shared with Ultimate Love hosts Dakore and Oluwaseun at their exit interview, that one of their greatest take away is friendship.

Jenny Koko, a River State fabric seller, and Louis,  a TV Content Creator and Producer from Delta state, have been shining the spotlight on various projects on their social media platforms since leaving Aunty’s Love Pad. Let’s take a look at the chronicles of Jelo’s story after the Love Pad.

Getting involved in charitable deeds

Jenny Koko partnered with the management of  Platnum Club in Ibadan to promote their Covid'19 Relief Support wherein they were giving out food items and other relief materials to 2000 people as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Good on her, this is a step in the right direction for someone who wants to pursue greatness!

Lifting another queen's work

Jenny Koko showed some solidarity to Diane Russet of Big Brother Naija fame who recently released an online film titled 'Bayi' which tackles the issue of underage marriages in the North of Nigeria.

We stan a bold queen! 

A growing audience for Louis

Louis, on the other hand, has been concentrating on growing his audience online. As a TV Content Creator and Producer, he knows the value of eyeballs and engagement and so he does not take it for granted. He's seen here celebrating his 30 000 follower milestone.

To date, his @iam_louisejiofor Instagram handle has 36 800 followers, a number we are sure will continue to rise.

Ready to hit the hustle again

Louis has also taken this lockdown period to name drop some of the notable work he has done hinting that he can't wait to get back to the hustle. He has previously worked with Women Corporate Directors as well as the well known Eko Hotel Group wherein he created multimedia content for them.

Something for #Jelowalkers

Jelo have also collaborated on something special for their fans. They both teased what looks like a lifestyle apparel brand with a short video that shows various types of hats.

Keen to see what the final product will look like? Be part of the Jelo story via their official Instagram handles @iam_jennykoko and @iam_louisejiofor.

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