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JayKech get Checked Out – Ultimate Love

22 March 2020
Tonight, JayKech became the fourth Love Couple to get Checked Out of the Ultimate Love show this Season.

In line with the new regulation of limiting public gatherings to not more than fifty people, we decided to bring you tonight’s show with no studio audience. However, this Sunday Night, the Ultimate Love show was filled with nothing but the best entertainment.

Here’s what went down.

Show Stunners

Not only did Oluwaseun P and Dakore Akande show up dressed glamorously, Aunty did not fail to show us that she’s not called governess of the Love Pad for nothing.

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A Check Out for JayKech

Jay and Nkechi got Checked Out tonight from Aunty’s Love Pad. They have both had a good fight for love in their journey towards finding Ultimate Love and we wish them a beautiful love story ahead. Aunty has done her part, cupid ti take over!

On the Live Show stage. Nkechi admitted to have been tired of the strategies, game playing, scheming and conspiracy in the Love Pad. With this, she’s relieved to be out of the show and is ready to focus on the JayKech journey. When asked about their highlights of the show, Jay said meeting Nkechi in the first week made his stay worth it. Although having an initial likeness towards Uche, Nkechi is happy with the choice she made.

We wish them nothing but greater love and happy memories as a Couple. Cheers JayKech!

Luck seemed to have been on JayKech’s side during the Portmanteau game as they cashed out of the game with five hundred thousand Naira; although they missed the chance of bagging seven hundred and fifty thousand Naira. Hey, love over money, right?

A chat with the Love Pad governess

On her chat with Dakore, Aunty disclosed the Love Couples’ strategies, love journey and struggles. When asked how she addresses their relationship concerns, she said the key is always offering a listening ear and being available as a love coach, friend and confidant when the need arises.

Interestingly, Aunty revealed that she’s expecting three proposals from her Couples during the finale because she’s confident of how determined they are with their love stories.

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With DoubleChris topping the Nomination block tonight, here’s how the Love Couples Nominated:

Love Couples



Chivia, ObiEbi


PreshDavid, Iyekresa


Roksie, DoubleChris


PreshDavid, DoubleChris


Iykeresa, DoubleChris


Bolar, DoubleChris


ObiEbi, Roksie

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While we await tonight's Nomination reveal from Aunty, stay safe guys. Love, Aunty.

They might not be an overly expressive Couple like many in the Love Pad but Jaykech have spoken about their future and it includes having at least three kids. Though Nkechi would love two set of twins, it seems like three will be their lucky number.

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