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Jaykech after Aunty’s Love Pad - Ultimate Love

08 April 2020
Jaykech gave us many lessons on love with their cool, calm and collected demeanour. Here's what the lovers have been up to since Checking Out of the Love Pad.

If there's one phrase to describe Jaykech it would certianly be easy-going. The mild-mannered couple consistently kept it chill throughout their time in the Love Pad and its approach that won over the hearts of thousands of fans as they gave us perfect couple goals. Oozing maturity and class, Jay and Nkechi regularly had us swooning over their beautiful love affair and despite departing before the finale, they still remained firm fan favourites.

Now of course the answer is where to now and at this point only time will tell but that didn't stop us from checking up on the couple and taking a peek at what they're up to. Here's what Jaykech have been doing since Checking Out of the Love Pad:

Showing Their Fans Love

Jaykech know just how much they owe to their loyal fans which is why they never miss a moment to show them love and appreciation for bringing them this far! 

Staying Safe (Corona post)

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, safety has been Jaykech's number one priority and the pair have made it a point to not only keep themselves safe but also remind everyone else to do the same. That's how you use the power of your audience to do good!

Keeping it on the low:

Discretion is the name of the game for both Jay and Nkechi and as such it comes as no surprise that even after the Love Pad they've been one of the Love Couples to maintain a relatively low profile. 

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