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Friendships in the Love Pad

18 February 2020
In as much as the show is about Love we’ve seen the importance of having a sounding board in the Love Pad. The Love Guests have formed strong friendships and have used these to unpack how they feel about the challenges that come with being in the Love Pad. The interactions between the different Love Guests have helped them remain physically and mentally strong.

The following Love Guests have notably shown to have grown closer and helped each other navigate the complexities of Love in the Love Pad

Rosie and Ebi

These two ladies showed a sisterhood from the early days in the house. Before the Live show this past Sunday, Rosie was the one playing the role of confidant to Ebiteinye when there was uncertainty around her future with Obichukwu. Things got so intense Ebiteinye thought the best thing is to opt for a voluntary Check Out but fortunately Rosie advised her against it. When David broke Rosie’s heart, Ebiteinye was the shoulder Rosie could cry and the roles were reversed; Ebi was now the confidant. The dynamic of their friendship is great to witness and we can’t wait to see their growth.

Nkechi and Chris

Nkechi and Chris are laid back in their interaction. Chris is generally great with everyone in the house but tends to gravitate towards Nkechi when she needs to clear her mind and visa versa. At this stage of the game, where Chris’s future in the game seems uncertain, it will be interesting to see how the different friends she’s made in the Love Pad will help her.

Cherry and Bolanle

When the nomination took strain on Bolanle and she broke down, Cherry was the first to run and console her. The two ladies are similar in many ways, they are both outspoken and have a talent for the ARTS. 

The greatest component of any relationship is friendship but now that the Love Guests have been paired, we can’t wait to see the friendships that will emerge within the relationships.

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