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Fine dining and profound conversations – Ultimate Love

24 March 2020
Our Love Guests are living in peace and harmony and the shift in atmosphere since people forgave each other is palpable.
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One of the things that got abolished after Aunty shocked the Love Pad on Sunday is the roster. After many weeks of tension of apportioning duties, Rosie (in consultation with everyone) decided that couples would now tackle kitchen duty in pairs and this morning it was her turn to whip up a storm with Kachi in tow.

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On the menu was fried plantain with a beans stew, sauce and chicken. Kachi would later reveal that he absolutely LOVES beans after Chris Ville expressed the same sentiment so we know bae was making sure her man particularly enjoyed this morning's breakfast. He wasn't the only one singing her praises either with everyone lauding the cook for her recipe.


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ObiEbi and PreshDavid had some really deep convos about conflict and passion. Presh Talker and David seem to keep having arguments hinging on respect and open and honest communication. David's love language is quality time while Presh is used to being alone and needs more time apart. This would explain why the former felt neglected when she left their bed to go and "cool off" in the garden area this morning. That said, they are learning how to give each other what they need and communicate things better.


On ObiEbi's front, there was a lot of conversation about viewing their relationship as a constant work in progress. Obi spoke at length as they lay in bed together about learning to see the bigger picture of what they were building with each other whenever the going got tough. He also touched on some of the temptation to be intimate that he'd be grappling with.


Given the vow he's given to God he can't be physically intimate with Ebi beyond a dry kiss on the face, he confessed that it was getting harder to resist. That said, he stressed the importance of her seeing him not just as her, "fine", "choco", "dark-skin guy" but a man with hopes, dreams and a calling he's working torward.

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