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Double Chris after Aunty’s Love Pad - Ultimate Love

07 April 2020
Chris and Chris Ville surprised a lot of people and made it into the top five couples of Ultimate Love Nigeria Season one. It could be because of the relatable way in which their relationship organically grew from friends to partners who have a very strong base for a lasting relationship.
Double Chris

Chris Ville came into Aunty’s Love Pad as one of the new Love guests that Aunty added some weeks into the show. He came in with Meriton and Chiddy Bankz. He found Chris somewhat wounded after having to deal with a Uche who decided to check himself out of the show after he was assigned to her during the coupling process.

The two have over time grown into each other such that Chris confessed to Dakore and Oluwaseun that she doesn’t know what he did to her in their exit interview. Let’s check in on what our favourite namesake couple has been up to.

A couple that poses together

Chris and Chris Ville have been seen snapping cute pictures together, sometimes even in coordinated looks.


A couple that Insta lives together

Chris and Chris Ville have not been left out of the Ultimate Love couples that have been engaging with their fans by setting up appointments to go live on their Instagram accounts.

They have even partnered with Season one winners, Roksie for a session that pulled in all their fans together.


A couple that grows together

DoubleChris have between the two of them, just over 100 000 fans on their official Instagram accounts. There is a clear effort to engage their fans and this will endear them to even more audiences in the future.


Chris and Chris Ville have on more than one occasion expressed their interest in business and it’ll be interesting to see how they approach their different ventures. Will it be as separate individuals or will we see them teaming up in the future? Stay on @chrisvilleofficial and @chrisadahofficial where we are certain they’ll be updating often.

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