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Did Rosie get her groove back? — Ultimate Love

21 February 2020
The past few days have been tumultuous for Rosie, not only did she lose a guy she considered the love of her life, she was paired with someone who she didn’t have a connection with.

We have been privy to the highs and lows Rosie has experienced since she entered the Love Pad. The first few days were honeymoon days for her but that quickly changed when her man, David Wilson fell for someone else. To say Rosie was distraught would be an understatement, she bared her soul for the continent to see and didn’t hold back when letting David know how much hurt he’s put her through.

In the recent days we’ve seen Rosie build a wall and it’s been getting higher and higher. The person who was negatively impacted by what Rosie went through was Kachi. Kachi had to be a shoulder for Rosie to lean on and also lend an ear when she was to venting about David. 

Patience proved to be a virtue for Kachi as Rosie is slowly opening herself to him. We’ve seen the pair share laughs and playful moments, like the one below


The Love Pad is very unpredictable, and the Love Guests are learning to adapt as quickly as they can. Rosie and Kachi are also doing best with the cards they are dealt  and we hope their connection will continue to grow.

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