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Dancing to Nigerian sounds – Ultimate Love

12 February 2020
The Love Guests enjoyed a fun game of music when they had to guess the names of the tracks that played in the Love Pad.
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It was fun all over the Love Pad as Aunty let the Love Guests explore their knowledge of Nigerian music in a playful manner.

The Love Guests were asked to choose numbers between one and 20 from a board. Once the number was chosen, a song was then played and the Love Guests who picked the number had to guess the name of the track as well as the artist.

It was a jolly affair as the Love Guests took turns trying to guess the songs and the team effort to help those who weren’t familiar with the songs was just pure bliss to witness.

However, all that joy was short-lived because after they reached their 20th card, the music was off and the went their separate ways.

Let assumptions go

In a brief moment Obichukwu and Ebiteinye had a heart to heart about love and how people are. Obichukwu advised her about not living her life on assumptions and that she should get to know people.


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It’s obvious that Ebiteinye is having a hard time gelling with the male Love Guests as she’s had a similar conversation with Rosie the other day.

We can’t help but wonder if Obichukwu was making an honest conversation or if Ebiteinye could be the flower he mentioned to Aunty earlier on. Only time will tell.


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