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Couple’s test – Ultimate Love

26 March 2020
The Love Couple played a game to gauge their knowledge of each other.
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In todays games, the Love Couples got to know each other a little better by answering question about them and their relationships.

The aim was to try and understand how well they know each other in their relationships and we’re confident, judging by their answers that they in their journey in the Love Pad, they have paid attention to their partners actions.


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The questions varied from who the best kisser is to who would initiate a fight first and the answers were hilarious to say the most.

However, when it was time to reveal the score cards, Chivia beat the other two Couples they were up against, Bolar and DoubleChris with a maximum score. Bolar and DoubleChris settled on a tie.

The game symbolised how well the Love Guests have been learning and paying attention to each other’s behaviour. With the finale fast approaching we’re confident they’re ready for the outside world.

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Ultimate Love airs 24/7 on DStv Ch198 and GOtv Ch29. Tune in daily and play your part in shaping Naija's most epic love story yet. 

VOTE to decide the WINNING Love Couple before lines close on Friday 27 March at 21h00 WAT / 22:00 CAT. A Dream Home and lavish Traditional Wedding are at stake. Don’t miss the finale on Sunday 29, March.

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