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Contentment in the Love Pad – Ultimate Love

19 February 2020
Most of the ladies in the Love Pad have told Aunty they’re happy with the choice of partners they’re with.
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Aunty spent the afternoon in her lounge having one-on-one sessions with the ladies of the Love Pad and most of them were unanimously in contentment with the partners they’re with.

In reply to Aunty’s question: ‘Would you swap your partner, only Bolanele and Sylvia were at a crossroad and admitted to Aunty they’d give that option a thought. However, they made it clear they were ready to at least work towards knowing their partners, but they were not showing the same enthusiasm. When asked why they chose their partners, they replied: 

Theresa: “I think I made the right choice because he’s very intentional about his feelings. He’s given me assurance that his future includes me.”

Jenny Koko: “I’ve always looked for someone whom I think is more intelligent than me, and Louis is very intelligent." She also mentioned that Louis would love for her to meet his mother because he thinks they’ll get along like a house on fire.

Cherry: “I chose Michael because he’s very family oriented." She did, however, mention that she was surprised when they were paired because he didn’t look like he had his eyes on anyone specifically even though he made a few hints here and there. When the revelation came, it made her realise he’s a guy of his word.

Nkechi: “No I wouldn’t swap, I’m fine.” She also added that Jay told her he’d choose her and if they were not paired, he’d leave the game and that’s something that gave her assurance of his seriousness.

Ebiteinye: “I chose Obichukwu because he’s a God-fearing man. He’s respectful and is a man of principle." She further added that she would not swap because Obichukwu is exactly what she asked for in prayer.

Presh Talker: “I was surprised that David and I were paired up, but I would not swap him.” Presh Talker also mentioned to Aunty that she feels for the situation he saw himself in and even though she knows that he’s sincere in his apology to other Love Guests, she not ready to let him know but she’s sticking by his side.

Trying to make it work

Rosie, Sylvia and Bolanle's ships aren’t sailing yet as they still finding it hard to connect with the partners. For Rosie, the ‘wounded tigress’ it’s going to take time for her to open up to Kachi but she’s willing to try. Meanwhile, Chris on the other hand is still hopeful that she’ll find love and wishes the Love Guests would stop worrying about her because she’s ‘fine’.


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