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Chivalry still exists – Ultimate Love

28 February 2020
“To be learned, virtue must be seen, experienced and appreciated” – Unknown.
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In times where the existence of chivalry is questioned the Love Guests just keep surprising and reminding us that it still is and will be around for times to come. Bolar served chivalry goals when Bolanle woke up to a love letter from her partner, Arnold, and we thought of other gestures we’ve witnessed in the Love Pad.

Giving coats/jackets partners

We’ve seen this a lot in the Love Pad and most of the time the gentlemen don’t hesitate to offer their jackets. It might be a small act but the thought behind makes all the difference in the world. 

Throwing compliments

One thing that is a marvel to see in the Love Pad is the compliments the Love Guests offer one another. We've witnessed the ladies complimenting each other on their make up skils and cooking. A compliment can brighten a person's mood and the Love Guests surely know how to.

Sneaking a note

‘To my special one…’ who wouldn’t melt if they’d woken up to such words? Well, we’ve seen it happen in the Love Pad and it got us all envious and appreciative of all the efforts we’ve seen and keep seeing.

Telling them you love them without expectation and because you mean it

These days many people take their time telling their partners they love them simply because they feel it might not be reciprocated. Telling your partner should come easily if you mean it and reciprocation should only be the cherry. However, if you mean it and they don’t say it back it shouldn’t worry you because it’s what you’re feeling at that moment. Our Love Couples have said these words to one another and made us want to fall inlove all over again.

Looking at chivalry as a necessity 

‘It’s the simple things that count’ goes a long way in relationships and if done right, a relationship can grow even stronger. Chivalry isn’t one sided and even though we’re in the modern age, a little reminder of appreciation makes a huge difference. Our Love Guests have truly shown us that it isn't dead and it's a beautiful thing to witness.


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