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Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia set the record straight – Ultimate Love

24 February 2020
It wasn't a case of sour grapes, said Chiddy Bankz.
sylvia makes up

It was a tumultuous night in the Love Pad to say the least. It seems our Couples have been left reeling after the first night of Nominations.

With Chivia (Chiddy and Sylvia) having nominated Jeriton (Jerry and Meriton), it would have been easy to say it was because there was bitterness between Jerry and Sylvia, who were previously paired up. But it wasn't that at all.

Chiddy Bankz dove into the heart of the issue to chat to both Jerry and Meriton.

He said he told Sylvia to come up with a name because they had to Nominate someone, but she couldn't do it.

"When we went in there, we couldn’t talk out," he said. "And I asked her what she came up with. Micherry, micherry, Micherry, she said. Me, I wasn’t understanding what she was saying. I was hearing Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. You understand? So that’s why I put that down. She was also almost crying yesterday. It would look like jealousy, she said. That didn’t come from anywhere. It was a mix-up."

Meriton said: "It’s okay. It’s okay" Sylvia then reached out to hug Meriton.

See the conversation:

Jerry was also understanding. After Chiddy explained it to him, he responded: "I understand. I did tell her we still have a long way to go and there’s still life outside here too. There’s a bigger picture. tHe future is still bright. I don’t hold anything against anyone."

And they shook hands. 👏

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