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Aunty's take aways & an exciting new challenge! – Ultimate Love

10 February 2020
When Aunty came into the Love Pad, the Love Guests were fiercely debating some serious matters and she managed to quell a lot of the disagreement & give them their first assignment.
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After a brief visit last night, Aunty was up, bright and early to see what everyone was up to. Unbeknownst to our potential lovebirds, she was listening in on their passionate, post-breakfast conversation before coming in to touch base and reflect. After some warm hugs, David Wilson made some scrambled eggs for her (she was famished) and our governess then proceeded to drop some phenomenal truth bombs including an exciting challenge that will give everyone a clearer perceptive on a Nigerian man's journey through life.


For Saturday night, our Love Guests have to stage a community presentation which highlights the cultural practices at different stages of a Nigerian man's life from birth to death. Each of the four major regions will represent a different stage. The Love Guests will split into four groups to achieve this.

  • SOUTH WEST: Isomoloruko – A birth and naming ceremony for the boy
  • SOUTH EAST: Iwa Akwa  – A coming-of-age ceremony for the young man
  • NORTH WEST: The Traditional Wedding Ceremony  – The man meets the love of his life
  • SOUTH SOUTH: Urhobo Burial Ceremony – A funeral service showing how the man has lived a fulfilling life

The Love Guests quickly elected to have each person most familiar with these traditions lead the groups and explain what transpires before diving into the preparations.


The Love Guests also got some amazing advice for the initial dating phase of the competition. Here are some of our fave takeways from their chat with aunty.


Though almost everyone felt that men and women are looking for different things, Aunty quickly dismissed this. "Whether you’re male or female, what’s driving you initially is curiosity." That said, she cautioned them not to let the physical stop them from getting to the soul. "Find someone who is attracted to you beyond the physical".


Everyone was so set on their own needs that they forgot that the journey to Ultimate Love is one travelled TOGETHER. "It’s not about who we are on our own. It’s about who we are with other people!" said Aunty before concluding; "Be less concerned about what that person can do FOR YOU and care more about who they are."

Before departing, she reminded them to do their best in the presentation even though it wasn't about "winning" per se, and added that it would be a good idea to write down everything that they are and everything that they need: The good, the bad and the ugly. Hit us up on Twitter using #UtlimateLoveNG to give us your own perspective on the challenge and Aunty's advice.

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