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An Enugu wedding in Aunty’s Love Pad – Ultimate Love

29 February 2020
As they prepare to nail tonight’s presentation, Twitter can’t seem to wait any longer for the anticipated wedding in Aunty’s Love Pad.

With the presence of a funny MC, lively actors and actresses, a typical African uncle and of course an Igbo bride and groom, Twitterverse has a wedding to plan.

Tonight at 19:00, the Love Guests will showcase the final part of their cultural activity for this week, which is the typical traditional wedding in Enugu State.

For this performance, Aunty will provide the Love Guests with outfits for the bride and groom only; while other Love Guests may improvise with their personal clothes as costumes. To better support the wedding presentation, basic props such as kolanuts, garden eggs, palmwine, eggs, drinks and some gift items will be provided.

We caught the funny reactions and comments for this anticipated wedding. Enjoy!

The Couple of the night 💑

An uncle like no other 👨

They were born for this 🔥

Nollywood, are you ready ❓

Source: Twitter - @senseisamust, @AbaCentral, @mr_salmanbash, @Chanez_nene, @Lizake4/status

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