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A touching task from Aunty – Ultimate Love

22 February 2020
Aunty leaves the Love Guests teary eyed and emotional after sending them messages from their parental figures in the Chatroom.

While the Love Guests are on a mission to find their one true love, time away from the Love Guests can also take its toil on their hearts and minds. Thankfully, Aunty has them covered as she prepared a touching task for them this afternoon.

As the Love Guests lounged around and enjoyed an easy going Saturday evening, Aunty decided to surprise them with special messages from their parental figures. The messages were shown to them individually in the privacy of the Chatroom and it wasn't long before the tears started flowing. One by one they sat and quietly wept as those dearest to their hearts offered words of encouragement and even signed off on their choice of partner.

Th beautiful gesture by Aunty was just the boost the Love Guests needed to keep going and be reminded their on the right path. If you'd like to view all the Chatroom session you can view them here.

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