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A spicy breakfast and even HOTTER gist – Ultimate Love

17 March 2020
PreshTalker was in her element today serving up an innovative dish, "plantain pancakes" but she wasn't the only now keeping things spicy!
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Presh once said the kitchen is her happy place. Theresa helped her out and looked on in awe as her chore-mate mixed all manner of interesting herbs and spices into what she's calling a Nigerian take on an American classic, "pancakes". In fact, Presh was so hyped for everyone to tuck into the feast that she openly declaried that there'd better not be a challenge planned because everyone was about to get knocked out and head back to bed. It certianly looked delicous tbh.


While Presh was having the time of her life, it was clear that Theresa was feeling quite down and bae even hopped into the kitchen and helped out to lift her spirits. After quite a bit of stalking, she confessed that she had cried herself to sleep stressing out about whether their love story would continue beyond Sunday. She elected to pray and make peace with whatever God's will is for her and Iyke. Iyke gave her a kiss on the forhead and told her to stay stong. We love to see it! 💗


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The most juicy moment of the morning however, came when DoubleChris weighed in on ObiEbi's apparent beef with them. Chris called them emotionally manipulative and accused them of not only trying to turn the whole Love Pad against them but also calling them names. She confided in Chris that they called her "Okporoko" when she wasn't looking and that Obi called Rosie a "snake". Ville was in the same boat calling them emotional blackmailers after confronting Obi about why he'd Nominated them three times in a row. "They are evil people!" they both explaimed before concluding that they were both being mature by not electing to give ObiEbi a peace of their mind. "Next time she talks to me, I'm going to give her a piece of my mind. I don't care if she cries, cry baby cry!" 🔥

Wow. Clearly, things are hotting up as the final stretch approaches. Do you foresee a confrontaiton or will Double Chris keep their cool? Let us know using  #UltimateLoveNG 

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