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A date with Jeriton – Ultimate Love

07 March 2020
Nothing cuter than a well thought out dinner date for a loved one in the Love Pad, thanks to Meriton.

The Jeriton ship seems to have been experiencing some hiccups in the Love Pad and in the bid to put some peace in it, Meriton planned a cute surprise date for her boo. Of course, with the help of her beautiful waitress, Ebiteinye.

Cake, spicy meat pieces and tall glasses of drinks adorned their cute little dinner table as they both talked about the elephant in their ship. While Meriton seemed upset about Jerry’s unbothered nature towards things that concern her, Jerry looked calm about the matter on ground. For matters like knowing her ex, Meriton wished Jerry would show a little more concern but what does Jerry think about it?

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Without any doubt, Jerry was touched by his lover’s act, which makes us wonder if act of service or perhaps quality time is his love language. However, will this help in resolving the issues in their relationship and successfully sail their ship back to cupid’s oceans? We’ll find out.

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Relationship tip: If you want to address a serious issue in your relationship with bae, plan a cute, romantic dinner or lunch date and sort it out over food and drinks. Thanks for the tip, Meriton!

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