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7 best GIF reactions – Ultimate Love

02 April 2020
Just because GIFs are great… right?

The internet brings us all together and we all love having GIFs that describe how we feel when we are talking through our fingers. So why not try to express your internet life through some funny GIFs, courtesy of the Ultimate Love Guests?

Without further ado, here are our favourite GIF reactions of this Season:      

-         First borns get in here! Who remembers getting this look from a younger sibling?

-         When bae surprises you with FOOD!

-         When the LOYL introduces you as her friend

-         When you walk out of a store without buying anything

-         No caption, love is sweet abeg!

-         When you spot that plate of jollof rice

When you finally agree to a face beat and your makeup artist literarily beats your face.

What are your favourite GIFs or memes from the Season? Can you relate to these reactions? Feel free to share your experiences with us using your best GIF reactions.

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