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The ultimate wedding dresses – Ultimate Love

28 March 2020
The ladies of the Love Pad gave us an exclusive sneak peek into their wedding dress designs for their big day!
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If there's one moment we know the ladies of the Love Pad have gone over in the minds over and over, it's this one! The night before the Ultimate Love finale, Aunty got the lovely ladies to spend some time crafting their dream wedding dress and wow did they not come up with some true master pieces!

From elaborate designs to clean lines, it was a marvel to behold what they came up with but don't take our word for it. Take a look at their creations yourself below:


First to showcase her design, Rosie chose a dress that would firstly accentuate her curves and show off her figure. And as a creative cherry on top as well a befitting ode to her name, she also added ornamental roses to the train of her dress.

1585431214 34 screenshot 2020 03 28 at 22.15.20


Chris chose to take the less is more approach with a minimalist design. While simple in nature her dress worked perfectly with her physique and her easy going nature.

1585431391 34 screenshot 2020 03 28 at 22.16.07


With her big and bold personality, it came as no surprise that Bolanle's dress was just as eclectic! Her creation was unmissable with ankara accents and multiple accents of color to make it pop. We just know she'll be the centre of attention one her big day!

1585431480 34 screenshot 2020 03 28 at 22.18.50


What fun is making your own wedding dress if you don't unleash your full creativity and that's exactly what Sylvia did! For her garment she chose to go with a sleeveless dress that was largely minimalist but had the right amount of flair with a delicate fishtail design at the end. Pure mastery.

1585431577 34 screenshot 2020 03 28 at 22.21.12


Lastly Theresa came through with a heavenly all white dress that had no shortage of lace, was body hugging and even had a touch of pearls for the extra drop of style. Plus to break the mould, Theresa's dress did without a veil!

1585431703 34 screenshot 2020 03 28 at 22.24.12

What would your ultimate dress look like? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter using the hashtag #UltimateLoveNG

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