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Tsema learns of her identity – Riona

30 June 2021
Instead of being grateful that she survived the sword, Tsema is angry that Aso took her away.
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We’re all cursed with the vivid memory of the streams of infant blood that moistened Oyomere’s soil all those moons ago when Ogiame waged war against the gods. Now, however, we’re witnesses to his rather messy overthrowal and Miga’s quest to yank his bloodline into power. Not to mention how all the secrets that were used as mud to cover the king’s chambers are spilling out, including reasons behind Amaju’s death and the fact that their child still lives. Tsema lives.

Half tales, half-truths

When Arenyeka cast an identity spell on Tsema and helped her escaped the king’s blood-thirsty warriors’ claws, she was filled in on the occurrences of the fateful mass burial day that was meant to claim her life too. Arenyeka obviously worried less about actual details but told her the bits she deemed important. A huge mistake though because now, Tsema thinks of Aso as her snatcher, as opposed to her saviour.

Identity battles

As things stand, Tsema is only floating in her pool of confusion because the gods won’t let her drown. She lives a life without purpose and at times, feels that it would have been better to be spared the misery by having her infant life cut short on the day of the dark moon, instead of her current state. She grew up battling the rules that belittled her people and held the sword in their favour. Now, however, she discovers that the very people she fought against are in fact her own. Chai!

Little room for redemption

With everything that’s happening, there’s almost no way for Aso to justify his actions to Tsema. His duties to his people now far outweigh the responsibility he has towards her. He will live with having allowed Ogiame’s hired hands to kill his daughter while she on the other hand, lives to loathe every moment spent in the home that was never hers to begin with.

The light at the far end of the forest

The prophecy still lives and now breathes freer than ever. Ogiame has left the throne; the stone has been found; Agbeyegbe and Edonmi have been restored to their supernatural selves and there’s still a chance for Tsema and Aghan to unite and pick up the pieces. All may just end well, after all!

Watch Riona every weeknight at 20:00 on Africa Magic Showcase 151 and find out if the forces driving the prophecy gain momentum and restore Oyomere to its former glory. Glory that like milk and honey, flowed way before Ogiame was crowned.

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