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Say your name, I’ll tell you who you are! – Riona

08 October 2020
Names are powerful tools, and judging by the naming convention used in Oyomere kingdom, the gods agree.
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For those who doubt that names carry the power of their meanings and are like both drivers to - and maps of destinies, King Ofotokun and his kinsmen’s stories may shake your tables and even break them. Here’s how everyone in and outside the king’s camp has names that are directly aligned with their duties (be it of the gods or men) in the Oyomore Kingdom.

Ofotokunneworun (The poor were deemed irrelevant)

Son of high-borns and priesthoods that go back for generations, Ofotokunneworun, meaning ‘although the poor speak the truth, his words are irrelevant’ like his name, decided to maintain the distance between commoners and high-borns for bureaucratic reasons, but when the prophecy of his death and how his killer was a child to be born on the day of the dark moon was delivered, the words spoken by the poor to protect their young were declared irrelevant and death was brought upon any and every threat.

Atsegboritse (Serving the king is serving the gods)

The King is believed to be the gods’ instrument of higher purpose and goodness, therefore, whatever he decrees is directly aligned with the gods. Atsegboritse, meaning ‘do it for God’s sake’ is the captain of the king’s guard and serves Ofotokun without question. His actions, therefore, will always be a service to the gods, even when the hand of man drives and enforces independent of the gods’ counsel.

Amajuoritse (I will never question the king!)

Tasked with pushing the king’s agenda and eliminating anyone who questions it,  Amajuoritse, meaning ‘we cannot know more than god’ is part of the royal army and as already seen during the infant massacre, he will do what he’s told without throwing any moral questions - because the gods simply know more and may never be questioned. Plainly put, the king is instrument to the gods, so he must be obeyed.

Omoreyon (Once a brother, always a brother)

If ‘mouthpiece’ was a person, chief Omoreyon, meaning ‘brotherly love’ would be it. Not once has the king been seen speaking in public (unless out of sheer necessity) and Omoreyon is why. Though Ofotokun acted harshly in eliminating almost all the kingdom’s infants and the women that carried them, chief Omoreyon’s rationale was that of a brother trying to protect his own’s immediate interests and forgot to broaden his perspective. Judging by the rate things are escalating, he will always tell the king what he wants to hear - much like any loving brother would.

He who finds a wife...

Then there are the king’s wives, each with their designated purpose and as if custom-created by the gods, lay and stand next to the currently hot-headed Ofotokun. Idolor ‘money’, the King’s first valuable jewel and mother of the kingdom, a priceless gem in ‘first wife’ terms; then there’s Abieyuwa (born into prosperity), whose path and that of the king’s were destined to cross so prosperity could remain in her bloodline. In the third position but yearning for the first is Oniyemofe (I need human beings), whose burning passion is to bear the king’s ultimate heir; and then there’s Ariomaranate (Can’t find a child to purchase in the market) who simply couldn’t give the king what he wants even if she looked to buy it in the market, hence Omaghomi and Oyemiren, the king’s concubines.

It's clear that everyone in Oyomere kingdom has a path set by the gods, royal and commoners alike - and those that try to find destiny will face the full wrath of the spirits... Even the king! 
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