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Reasons why Jacinta may hate the Iwinosas, again! – Enakhe

28 July 2021
Here are three reasons why Jonas’ death may mean the end of the Iwinosa and Osagie union.
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Once again, the Iwinosa clan finds itself under the scrutiny of Benin’s elite, thanks to Enakhe’s inability to reason outside the borders of her emotions. When Stone, fearing that he could lose his baby mama forever, revealed that Jonas was in fact behind their recent financial hits, Enakhe put two and two together and realised that this was more than a theory, given the fact that Jonas had been in her bedroom just moments earlier – and now that the deed is done and Jonas is no more, Jacinta may just be their new enemy.

Here’s why:

1. The obvious animosity

It is no secret that Jonas hated Cali’s guts and would do anything to break him and Jacinta apart, and Cali was indifferent about Jonas and would harm him if given the opportunity. The two had quite a few heated exchanges recently and Jacinta was forced to play advocate. Having witnessed all of that, Cali obviously had a million and one motives to silence Jonas, forever.

2. The heated confrontation about the hacked accounts

As soon as Enakhe told Cali about the missing funds and how Jonas may have been directly involved, Cali delivered the news to Jacinta and the two went right ahead and confronted Jonas. While the confrontation wasn’t a foreign sight given the first point, Jonas didn’t exactly deny the allegations. This detail adds yet another motive for the Iwinosas to have pulled the plug on Jonas’ life.

3. The table’s rules are the law  

Remember how, before the most recent occurrence, Enakhe reminded Jonas that betraying fellow members of the table was punishable by death? Well, being an avid member of the table herself, Jacinta knows this rule too well and given the fact that before his untimely death, Jonas was accused of betrayal, it is quite possible that the Iwinosas called the hit on him in reverence of the law.

4. The Ultimate takeover

Now that she’s pregnant and permanently linked to the Iwinosas, Jonas was about their only living member that remained to represent the Osagies. His elimination, therefore, would give the Iwinosas automatic power over Osagie affairs – a win that Epa saw long before he himself died. Should Jacinta reason this way, she’ll terminate all relations with her in-laws, and go back to blaming them for the death of her father.   

5. She has become Jonas’ replacement

Now that Jonas is gone, Mr Emeka made contact with Jacinta and is willing to part with very damning pieces of info about how the Iwinosas have wronged her and her family. He, of course, knows that the Iwinosas had a hand in Jonas’ demise and as such, will convince Jacinta of the fact and recruit her as a ‘co enemy’. This will cause an irreparable rift between the two families and may even lead to more bloodshed.  

Jacinta is fuming and wants Jonas’ killer found and set ablaze, and by the looks of things, the truth isn’t too far from reach.

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