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Ogiame orchestrates Amaju’s death – Riona

08 February 2021
Not even the king’s own victims would have been capable of inflicting this much pain on him.
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Misan’s heart sank; it seemed as if the gods had been defeated by the darkness that lurks in the forest that lies just a stone’s throw away from her once warm home. The gods, in all their spiritual splendor and wisdom, had allowed evil to prevail – and evil had taken away what mattered most to her; her dear Amaju.

A widow for the King’s chambers

After the death of his queens Idolor and Arioma, Ogiame sank deeper into the darkness that led to the killing of hundreds of infant and unborn children on the day of the massacre. He decided that it was fitting to orchestrate Amaju’s death by having him fight to the death with dear friend and fellow warrior, just so he could award himself the right to claim Amaju’s beloved wife Misan as his (despite having more than enough concubines to fill the void left by his late queens.)

This did not have to happen. Amaju did not have be sentenced to death by the very man he served with pride. He did not have to die by the very spear that was once lifted to shield him when in battle. King Ofotokun’s greed didn’t have to stretch as far as killing a man just so he could lay with his wife and hope that through her, his heir would be born. But it happened.

Misan’s possible mission

After releasing enough tears to fill the stream of sorrow that feeds the banks of the kingdom upon seeing Amaju’s lifeless body laid out in the field and stripped of his warrior honour, Misan will never rest easy between Ogiame’s sheets. At least not until she avenges Amaju and sees Ofotokun breathing his last. 

Unlike the many that have tried to overthrow the god-disrespecting king, Misan has much less to lose and much more to prove. Her newly gained access to Ogiame’s premises can and will prove deadlier than an obvious threat to overthrow, by rebellious chiefs. Misan can and will destroy this king even before the prophetic child comes of age. Or will she?

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