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Ogiame lived by the sword and has died by it! – Ogiame

27 September 2021
Here’s how Ogiame, the great king of Oyomere lost the battle to the children of the prophecy.
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We all thought the war began when Ogiame heard of Aghan’s legitimate claim to the throne, and the fact that this piece of future truth was sourced from the gods themselves. But the war really began when Aghan and Tsema escaped the tips of the warriors’ spears on the day of the mass infant massacre.  Since then, Ogiame has lied, cheated, killed, and stole just to stand above the gods and retains his throne. Here’s how the man finally met his end and fed the earth with his tyrant blood.

The disturbingly bloody war

When Ofotokun refused to freely surrender and launched a deadly attack instead, his was the stronger manpower. The men on his end of the battleline carried more weapons than those of the rebels and as such, more noble men and women died. As things got tougher for those who stood behind Aghan, Agbeyegbe tried to summon the powers of the stone, but without the sacrifice, it was rendered useless. There and then, Edomi and the scorned god went and sought the aid of Atigbi.

The natural restoration. Atigbi becomes the god

With the failure of the stone came an unlikely decision. The true sacrifice was to be made by Atigbi who despite the hate for humans and the disappointment in Agbeyegbe, knew love in its purest form. Edomi and Arenyeka in their spiritual wisdom begged that Atigbi assume the role of a god and free Agbeyegbe to pursue his own love. Love restored the natural order of things.

The true warrior came back to fight

When Atigbi chanted and forgave Agbeyegbe, the most spiritually comforting thing happened right before the eyes of those who fought for a better Oyomere. Because those who live justly are seen as asleep when they die and the very opposite happens to the wicked, Atigbi ended the slumber of Oyomere’s righteous warriors and had them join the war. A war that even after the blood spill, restored Oyomere to its former greatness. The dead and the living rid Oyomere of evil.

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The spear through the chest. The final seal!

Did we fail to mention that all the above happened right before Ofotokun’s eyes? Yes! But still, his tyranny drove him to believe that he would cheat death and rule still. So, when Tsema and Aghan pursued him into the forest, the man fought them off as if his life depended on it and just when he thought he’d shaken them off, Aghan launched from behind and did what he feared since coming to know of the prophecy. He drove a spear right into his father’s cold chest and finally fulfilled the prophecy.

An apocalypse for some, a genesis for others. When all was said and done, the dead were able to assure the living that they were allowed to live fearlessly and love again, and the living embraced their dead for the last time. Atigbi restored Arenyeka’s health, and a new king was raised.

All hail Aghan, Oyomere’s rightful Ogiame!

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