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In loving memory of Amaju – Riona

23 February 2021
Remembering Amaju, one of Oyomere’s finest warriors.
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It is said that honour isn’t learnt, but it is an art form perfected by the gods and passed down to those deemed upright enough to uphold it. Despite the complexity of Amaju’s position and his internal conflicts, he did indeed uphold the honour as tasked him by the gods and though the earth is full from feasting on his blood that was shed on it, it too celebrates his life. In loving memory of warrior Amaju.

The child behind the man
Though not much detail about Amaju’s upbringing was brought to the surface when he still walked amongst the living, we know that he was indeed a high-born and cousin to Queen Idolor, Ogiame’s first wife. Judging by his unmatched skill with both reason and the sword, it is safe to assume that he trained himself into acquiring the discipline that allowed him to serve Oyomere the way he did. 

By mind and by might!

It was Amaju’s stamina in war that had him drafted into the king’s immediate army, and as seen countless times during the warriors’ encounter with Oyomere’s sworn enemies, he unsettled his opponents by breaking down their emotions even before breaking them in physical combat. Contrary to the stigma that accompanies being a warrior, Amaju did not find pleasure in spilling blood. His calm and logical nature always sought to resolve issues first with dialogue, and the violence that came with wars left him unsettled. Though he was opposed to the massacre on the day of the dark moon, his loyalty to the throne and its occupant, Ogiame, had him ignore Misan’s warning.                                                                                                                         



Though his duty as Oyomere’s second in command saw him exploring the enemy’s territory more than he did his own abode, Amaju was joined at the hip with the love of his life, Misan. Theirs was a relationship worthy of the entire kingdom’s envy. He loved his wife more than life itself and always wore his robe of honour for her sake. His respect for his wife was displayed when hid the fact that he killed on the day of the massacre from her.


For King Ofototokun, Amaju was always willing to go against his beliefs, often overcompensating. Though his loyalty was never really acknowledged, he remained steadfast. 


Atsegboritse was his only friend and warrior leader. Their bond was strengthened during their battles and outbound training. Just as Atse’s dagger was lifted countless times in his defence, so was his lifted in his friend’s defence. Quite unfortunate that he lost his life to this very dear friend.

Aso and Tsema

With Aso, the Ireale man that was supposed to be his natural enemy, Amaju shared a strange and somewhat effortless connection. He understood the plight of the Ireale and how their only desire was to fight for the right to live and exist as their forefathers did. Unbeknown to him, the connection they had was due to the fact that Aso cared for Tsema, Amaju’s daughter who was thought to have died on the day of the dark moon.

The means to the end!

Upon discovering that Ogiame’s gaze rested fondly on Misan, Chief Omeyeron, King Ofotokun’s special advisor hatched a plan to eliminate Amaju, this as service to his king. He framed Amaju by claiming that he conspired with the Ireale to kill Prince Aghan and oust Ofotokun. Amaju was sentenced to an end-all battle with his dear friend and fellow warrior, Atse. A battle he lost.

In loving memory of Oyomere’s finest warrior. Skilled with the sword and blessed with unmatched kindness.

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