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How a herbal concoction made Amori evil ­– Riona

09 September 2021
The curious case of how a herbal mixture meant to heal the prince, turned him evil.
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Despite having engaged in battle with Aghan when the Ireale came to his rescue, Amori still harboured a kind of innocence that made him a little more penetrable than Towu, whose evil-heartedness was fed to him since birth.

On the day of Aghan’s escape, an altercation between the two brothers led Amori to his deathbed where his life hung on the weakest of threads. Here’s how the youngest of Ogiame’s sons lost himself to a herb mixture housed in his calabash.

The poison on the spear

In a bid to defend himself, Aghan used a spear with its mouthpiece dipped in poison to pierce his brother – and sped off with his saviours afterwards. The wound was not an ordinary wound and none of the kingdom’s herbalists could help eliminate it from his system. 

The healing process

After exhausting all their options, a warrior’s wife was finally permitted to tend to the dying prince. The young maiden went as far as collecting roots from deep in the forest to mix a concoction that her people has used for centuries. Slowly but sure, Amori gained consciousness and made his way back to the living. Not without a catch, however!

The catch

The concoction was made of herbs that affected much more than the physical. Though the mixture helped divert the poison’s effects, it altered Amori’s behaviour and turned him into the direct opposite of the man he once was. Amori became a spitting image of his father, Ogiame and developed some sort of dependence on the liquid in his calabash. Like water to the kingdom’s greenery, so was this mixture to Amori.

Amori’s redemption

It took a few harsh words from Towu to fuel Amori’s anger and have him beg Ogiame to allow him to lead his own army into the forest to find, kill and bring Aghan’s head to the palace. After a display of a wicked kind of bravery, Amori had his way and as the gods would have it, the rebels were found.

The young maiden that had healed the young prince realised that he was still consuming the mixture and alerted the others of the effect of the drink, and as soon as he and Aghan were alone with just a single warrior in sight, Aghan took the drink and fed the earth.

The duel between the brothers ended when after stabbing his brother, Amori came to his senses and realised what he had done. As you read this, the real Amori has been awaked and now helps his brother and the rebels to put an end to Ogiame’s tyranny.  

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