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Dear Amaju: With love, Misan – Riona

16 March 2021
If Misan were to be given ink and a blank scroll, we reckon this is how she’d pour her heart to Amaju.
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My husband,

I do not remember the last time I witnessed the skies birthing sunrises as beautiful as the ones we took in and were in awe of back when I had you by my side. I don’t remember the last time I was at peace and believed in the power of two becoming one. It is as though the gods lowered their hands and erased the beauty I once appreciated with you. It feels like they have taken away the meaning of love and left me empty and filled with a deep longing.

I know that things took an unfortunate turn between us when I found out about your role in the killing of innocent souls on the day of the dark moon, but I’d like you to understand that my anger wasn’t targeted at you. Not only did I lose our darling Tsema, but I also lost the memory of her; a memory that rested in the voices and innocence of all those children. Moreover, I lost my husband in there too, because I do not believe that you were ever the same after participating in what you hated the most.    

My loyalty to you remains steadfast and untainted. So much so that I refused to believe that your death was a result of betrayal. I know now that it was by Itse’s dagger that you breathed your last. It is because of Ogiame’s lust over me that you were deemed competition and therefore had to meet your end. It is because of my role in the upbringing of the late Queen Mofe’s children, Prince Aghan and Princess Tosan that had the King burn with passion for me. After all, being childless and in a delicate marriage had me immerse myself in the service of the royal household. Forgive me, my husband, for ignoring your warnings.

 Now, I am a wallflower in the palace of a man I don't love. My heart burns with rage every day and I seek to avenge you. I have to pretend and act like everything is ok, but I am dying inside. Just recently, Ogiame played a dirty card and made It look like Itse acted on his own, this I believe, to take away the last true friend we had in common. I can’t raise our daughter; I can’t wear my loss on my sleeves, and I can’t seek refuge elsewhere. I’m trapped with the very people that took you away from me.

But know this, I will avenge you and bring Oyomere back to its former glory. I am the prophetic mother, after all!

Watch over us, won’t you?!
Love, Misan