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Are their fates intertwined? – Riona

07 April 2021
Tsema and Aghan will reunite, but this is what may happen to delay the process.

Prince Aghan and Tsema’s relationship was first sparked in the woods when the prince went looking for the antelope ­– and since then, Ogiame’s successor remains clouded in the emotion that overwhelmed him every time he and the young maiden crossed paths. But will the prince wed another now that Tsema has been traced to the Ireale and sentenced to death as a result? Here’s what could possibly happen.

Towu’s thirst for revenge.

The way Towu has been gunning for Aghan, trying to find anything that would make him unfit to sit by their father, Ogiame’s table of rule, he’s managed to get Agbeyegbe to let him in on how Aghan met Tsema. After holding a knife to the god in disguise’s neck, he found out a bit more about the prince and maiden’s relationship. Towu may take this information to the king’s chambers and let him know that his favourite son knew the young woman long before she was found lurking around the kingdom’s borders.

Aso’s secret

Having raised Tsema as his own, Aso has sat on dust and accepted humiliation more than a dozen times just to protect the young woman. Should he reveal to her that her real father, Amaju was slain by the very kingdom he served and that her mother Misan, now serves at Ogiame’s mercy, Tsema may lack discretion and run her mouth before the king, ruining her chances of survival and pushing Aghan straight into another’s arms.

Aghan’s marriage may be rushed

Judging by how things are going in the kingdom, Aghan may be forced to follow through with his mother’s wishes and marry into a fine family in the kingdom. Should this happen, Aghan will be swerved from Tsema’s direction and steered towards the path his father chose for him.

Despite all of these possibilities, the gods’ will will indeed be done and the prophecy will come to pass. Though Arenyeka hasn’t been signalled to reveal who the children of the prophecy are as yet, Ogiame will be overthrown. It’s only a matter of time.

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