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A king again! – Riona

09 July 2021
After roaming the forest for an uncomfortable while, Ofotokun finally sits on the Oyomere throne again.
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The gods must be roaring on the thrones. Ofotokun, with the help of a handful of soldiers with bent spears, has managed to drive Magin and his wanna-be royal tribe back to their inferior position and occupies the throne again; this against their will. Here’s how it happened.

Arenyeka’s plea to the gods

Before Tsema walked into Arenyeka’s hut blurting out demands for the truth about the day Aso found her, the kingdom’s spiritual medium was pleading with the gods. “...Take away the protection you have placed on Magin and his family. His time draws near”. Like the chiefs and members of the high council, Arenyeka disagrees with Magin’s illegitimate claim to the throne and wants order to be restored. So, it is likely that the gods themselves moved stones from the evil king’s path in order for the prophecy to finally come to pass. Just maybe!

Chief Omereyon’s remorse 

After seeing what Magin is capable of, Chief Omoreyon, the very man that initiated Ofotokun’s removal from the throne decided to trace his steps back to the beginning and apologise for his role in handing Magin a throne his bloodline didn’t deserve. Though his efforts were met with resistance and scorn from Queen Idolor, Edonmi and Atse, the message was clear. Magin could not be made king.

A true father and son duo

During one of their conversations, Ogiame silenced his ego and thanked Aghan for not leaving him behind after escaping Oyomere, and not seizing the opportunity to kill him as the gods had initially planned. After this, it was clear that Aghan trusted his father again, and would stop at nothing until Magin and his sidekicks left the throne in order for his father to finally do right by him. A renewed trust made it happen.

A war from within!

On the fateful night of the takeover, Aghan managed to send a message to Edomi and Atse who in turn showed up and facilitated Ogiame’s entry into Oyomere. This, together with the fact that it had become public knowledge that Magin’s wife is Ireale and not born into royalty, made it that much simpler for Ogiame to reclaim his hold on Oyomere.

Moments before Magin’s crowing, Arenyeka demanded an audience and delivered a message from the gods. There would be no crowing! In addition to that, his Ireale-born wife killed Idolor in cold blood, pushing Magin’s claim to the throne even farther from reality. Furthermore, the troops that Aghan managed to gather for his father rampaged through Oyomere, killing every warrior that remained loyal to Magin, and when there was no competition remaining, Ogiame walked freely into Oyomere.

Magin was made to kneel before the true king of Oyomere, and that was the end of his reign. Thus, Ogiame lives to see a few more moons before he meets his own fate.

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