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The chilling tale of Asake and Oyiza at Royal Imperial Hotel – Refuge

21 October 2023
The terrifying ordeal of Asake and Oyiza at the Royal Imperial Hotel and the unsettling signs that should have been noticed.
The chilling tale of Asake and Oyiza at Royal Imperial Hotel – Refuge

When Asake and Oyiza embarked on their journey to the Royal Imperial Hotel, little did they realize they were stepping into a world of unexpected peril. For Asake, it was a quest to find her missing husband, while for Oyiza, it marked the beginning of her Youth Corps service.

As the two ladies entered the Royal Imperial Hotel, they had no inkling of the hidden dangers lurking in its shadows and corridors. However, it didn't take long for them to sense that something was amiss. Oyiza's experience was particularly harrowing, while Asake's unease grew steadily.

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Could these two young women have escaped the malevolence of the Imperial Majestic Hotel? Perhaps. There were warning signs, and it's time to shed light on what to watch out for in precarious places like this.

The deceptive Manager
From the moment they encountered Esosa, the hotel's manager, something felt off. He appeared calm and soft-spoken, but a lingering sense of unease suggested he harbored secrets. When you encounter a manager like Esosa and your danger radar starts blaring, pay heed to your instincts.

The unfriendly receptionist
Oyiza faced hostility and rude remarks from the receptionist as soon as she arrived. It was clear that she wasn't welcome there. Despite the insults and snarky comments, Oyiza persisted in proving herself. In hindsight, leaving might have been the safer choice.

The shroud of secrecy
Shady organizations despise unwanted attention. While they maintain 24/7 camera surveillance, they prefer not to be in the spotlight. Esosa's insistence that Oyiza refrains from taking pictures should have set off alarm bells. Although he worded it as "It is unethical to record people without their permission," Oyiza should have still realized something was amiss.

Hostage situation
When you find yourself forcibly held against your will, it's a glaring sign that you're not in a safe environment. Asake discovered that the security personnel stationed outside her door weren't there for her safety but to ensure her captivity. Waiting to be held hostage before recognizing danger is too late.

Hidden traps and sinister hallways
Oyiza stumbled upon a trap door, a significant warning in itself. However, she continued until she found herself in a creepy, ominous hallway. These were two clear signs to exit and never return. Instead, Oyiza ventured further, only to witness a gruesome act by Esosa, leading to her capture.

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These are vital lessons to remember when navigating unfamiliar places, ensuring you don't find yourself in the dire straits faced by Oyiza and Asake. In the meantime, we're rooting for their survival and escape. Follow their gripping journey every Wednesday and Thursday on 'Refuge,' airing on Africa Magic Showcase.