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Character Spotlight: Teni – Refuge

30 November 2023
The most shocking villain.
A female character

As all villain origin stories start, Teni is the most unsuspecting person. On Refuge, she initially was the calm, sweet Royal Imperial hotel attendant who seemed oblivious to the evil doings Chief Ogunleye and Esosa were up to. 

Her sinister ways began to unravel when she pretended to help Oyiza escape, only to take her right back to Esosa's favourite spot, the butchering table. 

A victim of her dark past 

In case you are wondering how Teni grew heartless, getting your child taken from you can do that to you! A few years back, she birthed a male child, which her sisterhood members said was a taboo that they must get rid of! Teni was given an ultimatum: let go of her baby, or he survives but loses his manhood. Both options left her distraught, and unfortunately, Teni was robbed of her bundle of joy. 

After such an experience, It was no surprise she was willing to fight tooth and nail to ensure Asake's son, Demilade, became an Abobaku, meaning "the one who dies with the king" like his father. 

With her wit and cunningness, she was able to kill the receptionist right under the police's watch, deceive SP Olumuyiwa, and reveal Chief Ogunleye's dark secrets to his daughter, causing her to poison Asake's son, which led to her, Teni's unfortunate death. Find out what will happen to Asake's son, Demilade and Teni's dreadful boss on the next episode of Refuge, and tune in to watch every Wednesday at 20:30 WAT on Africa Magic Showcase.