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A shocking finale twist – Refuge

31 December 2023
Asake reveals Ademide's birth father, Femi.
A shocking finale twist

When the Magbo council stormed the Royal Imperial Hotel to capture the next in line to become an Abobaku, Ademide, they faced a hassle. They had to tackle the police and the occupants of the hotel, who were all keen on saving an innocent boy from being buried alive with a dead king because of tradition. The Magbo council fought, and just as they were about to take Ademide, his mother, Asake, forcefully revealed that he was not an Abobaku. 

A forbidden love

According to Asake, Ademide was indeed not from her relationship with Adio. Apparently, He was a love child from her relationship with her first love, Femi. Asake claimed they, unfortunately, had to part ways because she was forced to marry Adio due to his status and wealth. Asake's sudden revelation shocked everyone and even caused conflict among members of the Magbo council. When their leader commanded one of them to kill the boy, he flat-out refused, as he did not want innocent blood on his hands. A decision that deemed him a traitor and, unfortunately, cost him his life. 

After the Magbo council leader, Adigun, gruesomely killed the traitor, all the members revolted, causing him to take matters into his own hands; as he tried to kill Ademide, Asake jumped in like a lion fiercely trying to protect her cub, leading to her getting stabbed and an emotional end. She fought for her life as Ademide held on to her, but Asake transcended to the other side before help came, leaving her son distraught.

However, the Refuge finale did not only have sad endings; SP Olumuyiwa and his team arrested the Magbo council head, Chief Ogunleye's dark secrets and crimes were almost made public, and Ademide learned about his known father, Adio, and how much he deeply loved him. 

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