Make Your Pick: The Top 6 'Versus' – Nigerian Idol

18 May 2022
The Nigerian Idol Top 6 go head-to-head in a friendly versus game – and you have complete control.
NI Versus

We already know how very talented the Nigerian Idol Top 6 contestants are. It was clear from watching them perform week after week that they are the real deal. There has never been a Live Show where they have not left us mesmerized by their musical aura.

Every Sunday, they showed us that they can compete head-to-head and deliver extraordinary performances, but what happens when we take them off the Live Show stage and pit them against each other in different scenarios?

Don’t worry, they still get to compete against each other in what they are great at – music!

Each of the Top 6 will do battle against each other in a ‘versus’ game and you get to decide who wins each round.

Ready? Let’s get into it then.

The Party Starter

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poll 1
Nigerian Idol – The party starter

It's Friday (Heyyyyyyyy)! Time to get your groove on and get the party started. Which of these contestants are you going with?

Definitely Zaddy! Party starter extraordinaire.18%
Banty will have the party bumping!82%

Fashion Inspo

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poll 2
Nigerian Idol – Fashion inspo

You got a wedding to attend and you've got to have heads turning. Which of these ladies are you taking your fashion inspiration from?

Definitely Itohan! Her Nigerian Idol outfits were fire.88%
Taking all I need from Faith! Girl killed it week after week.12%

Smooth like butter brother

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poll 3
Nigerian Idol – Smooth like butter brother

It's bae's birthday and you've got romantic plans all lined up for the day. Which one of these smooth brothers are you going to enlist to make it even more magical?

Although I’m wary Zadok might snatch bae with his voice, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.31%
Definitely getting a “Yes I will” if i decide to propose with Jordan.69%

The Anthem

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poll 4
Nigerian Idol – The anthem

We've got a major football game and to kick things off, we need someone to sing the National Anthem and you get to decide.

Itohan’s voice just before the game is sure to fire us to victory.53%
Progress is gonna have us feeling all patriotic, victory is certain. 47%

Concert Opener

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poll 5
Nigerian Idol – The concert opener

It's December and you get to decide who opens one of the biggest concerts in the city. Which Nigerian Idol fave is it going to be?

Faith is going to bring the roof down.68%
Going with Progress. He might even steal the show. 32%

The band battle

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poll 6
Nigerian Idol – The band battle

The company’s retreat is in a few days and you have to book the band to perform. Which band are you picking?

The J.I.Z Harmonizers (Jordan, Itohan & Zadok). 51%
B.F.P Composers (Banty, Faith & Progress). 49%

That was fun, wasn’t it? Why not share this with other Nigerian Idol fans just like you. Have them rep their faves and don’t forget you have the power to decide who wins this season of Nigerian Idol. Hurry and Vote here. See you at the Live Show Finale this Sunday.