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What Ubong sees, Ubong says! – My Siblings and I

02 March 2021
Here are some reasons why Ubong should be considered an aproko.
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We all know just how seriously Angela takes her neighbourhood aproko duties – and if there were accolades to be dished out, her house wouldn’t have enough room to house them all. But have you been paying attention to Ubong? Eheh! Much like Angela, his eye seldom misses any movement and his ear literally stays on the ground. Here are some reasons bros is also a resident aproko

He’s the point of entry

While Ubong’s most important duty is to verify all of the Aberugba’s visitors and ensure that no one accesses the property freely, he’s taken it upon himself to go beyond verifying. In fact, if given enough time, Ubong will go as far as finding out who the chief of your village is and if there are enough single women for him to choose from (remember his ultimate goal?).

Abeg! Aberuagba pikin ni?

Did you see how wide Ubong’s eyes grew when Amina demanded to be allowed into the compound, claiming to be Mr. Solomon’s long-lost love child? Eheh! Bros quickly forgot his gateman duties and sought tools to verify this juicy piece of information. While Amina refused to even entertain his many questions, Ubong was just about ready to lay it all on the table for the rest of the Aberuagbas. Basically, our fave was the first to find out that there was an Aberuagba roaming around Lagos.

He knows everyone’s suitors

From all the beautiful damsels that go in and out of Dave’s apartment, to Angela’s Henry, Ubong will tell you whose bae is whose. In fact, Ubong makes mental notes of everyone’s height, eye colour and intentions. Even Blessing (another intermediate aproko) cannot hide any of her suitors, sha! 

So, if you thought Ubong was a simple gateman, better refresh o! Bro probably shares notes with Angela because wow! Gossip no dey carry last.

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