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Fresh battle between Mimi and Chief Donatus – My Flatmates

11 September 2023
The feud between Mimi and Chief Donatus rages on and this time, it is about a delicate business deal.
Fresh battle between Mimi and Chief Donatus – My Flatmates

Peace has always been a rare commodity, especially when it comes to Mimi and Chief Donatus. Theirs is a rivalry that has defied time. These two have been locked in a battle of words for what feels like an eternity, and even Frank's engagement to Mimi hasn't managed to bring a moment of peace to their turbulent relationship.

The shady business
Their recent altercation began when rumors started swirling that Chief Donatus had his sights set on involving Mimi's cousin, the eager and new-to-Lagos Ubong, in a rather shady business deal. Ubong, in his quest for a quick path to riches, seemed like the perfect candidate for Chief Donatus's venture. What's more, he was more than willing to take the plunge, thanks to a healthy dose of ambition and greed.

Watch Chief Donatus pitch his business

Willy the whistle-blower
But here's where things get interesting. Willy, ever the responsible cousin, had initially turned down Chief Donatus's offer and took it upon himself to notify Mimi about her cousin's impending involvement in this questionable business endeavor. Incensed and determined to protect her family, Mimi stormed into action. She unleashed a fiery verbal tirade on Chief Donatus, making it crystal clear that he should keep his distance from her cousin. Yet, in the world of stubbornness, Ubong takes the crown. He remained steadfast in his pursuit of quick wealth, pledging to be part of Chief Donatus's business, regardless of what his cousin Mimi had to say.

So, what's the verdict? Will this risky business scheme pay off, or will the people involved end up getting burned? Only time will tell, and we're hoping for the former because if anything untoward happens to Ubong, you can bet that Mimi won't let Chief Donatus off the hook easily.

Curious to see how this all unfolds? Reconnect now using the #MyDStv or #MyGOtv apps to watch My Flatmates on Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151, and prepare for a  likely showdown between Mimi and Chief Donatus.