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Mercy And Ike

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5 lessons we learnt on Mercy and Ike

30 July 2020
Class was definitely in session during the mercy and Ike run, and this is what we learnt
mercy and ike lessons

If we were to sit around a deliberation table and discuss the woes and joys of relationships, whether public or not, we’d all agree that they are quite similar to the much dreaded but very necessary 9-5 - They require full-time commitment and if handled well, may yield the desired result… E no be so?! The following are the lessons we took away from the Mercy and Ike run:

There’s an ‘I’ before the ‘WE’

From the onset, Mercy and Ike displayed immeasurable amounts of affection and had you guys shipping them against the tide; and though it wasn’t clear whether they’d take their butterflies to the real world or let them fly, you were ready to defend them tooth and nail. While you guys have never been oblivious to their ‘sovereignty’, it was difficult to relate to them as individuals and this became obvious when the two engaged in conflict. Having said that, we learnt that before the glitz and glam of unit living and loving, there exist two individuals with sometimes contrasting opinions, different ideas and conflicting perceptions of reality… and that’s okay. It therefore important to take care of the ‘I’ in order to coexist harmoniously in the ‘WE’.

We’re evolving, so must tradition

We can remember quite vividly how the moving in together caused a stir both within the family units and the Twitter streets. While some of you guys maintained your traditional stances and reckoned it was shameful for Ike to move into Mercy’s without adhering to formalities, others insisted that tradition had run its course and could no longer be used to dictate how relationship are run (e no race, abeg!). Well, it’s true that with technological advancements, the recognition of innate individuality and new-found freedom of expression, some elements of tradition should be rethought so love is allowed to flourish, na so?!

Abeg, three is a crowd, periodt!

Ya’ll know this needs no extension whatsoever because three has, is and will always be a crow - and many will agree that a lot of the tension was in fact externally sourced. Mercy and Ike continuously sought to keep their relationship ‘theirs’ while catering to their sometimes-divided fans, but things didn’t always glide like butter in pan because everyone felt that their two cents added value to the millions. While accounting principles recognize that cents are indeed the building blocks that make up million, they’re certainly not that valuable in this regard. Oya, let people be!

Social media IS NOT reality!  

We can’t place enough emphasis on this jare, but bia, we’ll break it down for you!
As once cited by big sis Promise, Mercy makes public what she wants and reveals details of her life as she sees fit. None of the images, videos or updates are a hundred per cent reflection of her life nor do they sum up her relationship with Ike. Both parties are conscious users of the platforms and no one in their right mind should equate these social canvases to ‘real-life imagery’. Social media is good and fun, especially when riding trend waves and getting millions of followers, but it sometimes as real as monopoly money; so don’t get it too twisted.

Your happiness, your responsibility

It was quite evident during the show that each partner was aware of the fact that they were sentimentally responsible for the other, but there was a great degree of self-awareness too. Making the other happy was not an obvious part of the bucket list but a consequent of their interaction. Basically, one couldn’t pour into the other’s cup if their own was empty. You can only give what you have.

The first season of Mercy and Ike was a proper good time ya’ll, we had an absolute blast gisting on the TL and mediating while you guys dragged the competition. Just like you, we’re hoping for a second season so your fav cruise master can tweet you guys into a mood. In the meantime though, spot yourselves some new favs on BBNaija and keep it locked on AM… Love and light

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