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Mercy And Ike

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In retrospect – Mercy and Ike

29 June 2020
Between duelling with online trolls and some hiccups in their relationship, Mercy and Ike seem stronger than ever.
Negative Twitterama – Mercy and Ike Image : 10464

So, the last time we held this meeting to discuss the downs of social media and how you guys sometime collect tools from market and blow issues out of proportion; Mercy’s trip to London to be specific, you people fit swallow our typewriter and totally disagreed. In all honesty, auntie Cleo got us a well-deserved point for calling you ‘Machineries’ last night… Oya, E.B joke abeg, no vex.

Seriously though, like you, we thought the highest point of drama had been reached and all that remained was consolidation, a traditional marriage and some cute babies; but behold, yet another snowball rode through the Twitter streets when it was revealed that Ike also charged to London, courtesy of a Southie sister. This obviously caused some chaos and resulted in temporary animosity and a mini twar between Mercenaries and the Ike squad. While one side claimed to hold all the money cards, the other pushed back and hissed the ‘we don’t need you’ melody.  

While all this happened, Mercy and Ike regrouped, realigned and voted in favour of the success of their relationship. Both seemed well aware of the effects of social media and how their respective fans sometimes catch some feelings and ‘passion tweet’.  

Though we may try, we cannot run away from the fact that money is totally personified in this life and plays a vital role in any and every relationship. The deficit causing much strain and the surplus causing some strain too… sometimes even more. Facts are, Mercy’s win has afforded her more limelight and wealth increasing opportunities thank Ike, but brother man is holding his own too. The question of dependence should, therefore, be thrown out the window and the couple allowed to bask in the euphoria of their love. Abeg, if you don’t agree, go argue with Edo dwellers.

Oya, meeting adjourned; But the conversation continues on our SM platforms, so follow the tag #AMMercyandIke and gist with us. Bring yam next time eh?!

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