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159Drama16 VL
A female cast member of the drama series, iwe


Awele is the 17-year-old Princess and daughter of Eze Akuanyanugbou II. She is the mother hen of the family. Awele is beautiful, emotional, loyal, and enjoys all the perks of royalty. As time passes, she grows into the gift of herbalism and becomes a strong force in the Kingdom. She also falls for Ezekoro's son, Adigwe, but their love gets tested as her father-in-law wants her for himself. 

Strengths: She is motherly, caring, and emotionally supports her family. Awele is loyal and respectful. She is always quick to forgive. She is jovial with the people and always out to protect them. 

Weaknesses: She is sentimental, overprotective, impulsive, and fussy.



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