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The complicated nature of love in Ibaokuta - Covenant

29 December 2022
For hopeless romantics in Ibaokuta, love is a gift and a curse.
Ibaokuta love

While love gladdens the hearts of the hopeless romantics in Ibaokuta, the complexities that surround it cause them grief as well. From warring families sworn to keep lovers apart to unreciprocated affection and triangles, it feels like Ibaokuta natives got the trial version of love, complete with all the bugs. They definitely need an upgrade soon cause at this rate, there will be no ‘happily ever after’ for anyone. Just in case you think we are exaggerating, have a read-through and see for yourself.

The triangle

While burdened with the death of her brother and mother and caring for her ailing dad, Moremi, the village belle, is caught in the middle of a triangle. On the one hand, we have Odejinmi, and on the other, we have Diekola. Her heart appears to yearn for Diekola, but his parents aren’t having it!

Diekola, the son of the richest family in Ibaokuta is hopelessly in love with Moremi, but an age-long feud between his family and hers is bent on keeping them apart. It’s not only just about the feud, Diekola’s parents are seeking to consolidate their status in Ibaokuta by insisting that he marry princess Aderiyike. A proposal, Diekola firmly objects to. His parents are not the only ones Diekola has to contend with – there’s also Odejinmi, the ex-head of the king’s guards, who has his eyes set on Moremi.

In Odejinmi's case, he seems to be driven by the prophecy that he will ascend the throne with Moremi by his side. It is difficult to say if he is truly in love with Moremi or the throne. Whatever the case may be, he is determined to get her at any cost. Even so, his mission to make Moremi his has not prevented him from finding pleasure in the bosom of others. He even got into trouble as a result of one of them.

Meet Omosewa

Odejinmi's thirst for pleasure landed him in the bed of Omosewa, a young lady hopelessly in love with him. Unfortunately for her, Odejinmi didn't feel the same way. It seemed she was only good enough to warm his bed. She soon got pregnant but Odejinmi was adamant that the baby wasn't his. He was privy to the fact that Omosewa also shared her bed with Prince Sijuade. She eventually lost the baby but that wasn't the end of Odejinmi's troubles.

Omiwunmi and the magic potion

Just like Omosewa, Omiwunmi is also in love with Odejinmi. Not only does he not have eyes for her, she is bound by her priestly lineage to remain in the servitude of the gods, This demands that she takes no husband but remain in perpetual service and commitment to Olofin, the god of the land, This notwithstanding, Omiwunmi is bent on pursuing Odejinmi even if it means going against her father's wishes and her priestly duties. As a matter of fact, it was this quest that drove her to find a love potion to help bind Odejinmi to her. This didn't go as planned. She did learn her lesson but her heart didn’t. It still very much wanted Odejinmi.

The complication continues

While Omiwunmi is throwing herself at Odejinmi's feet, Prince Obafemi has been trying to get through to her about his feelings for her. Although he is more subtle in his approach, his heart still yearns for her. His step-sister, Princess Aderiyike who is still hurting from Diekola rejecting her has one of the soldiers from Ibadan who is bent on making her his either of her own volition or by a forceful approach.

As it stands, love has caused these people more heartache than they bargained for and if nothing changes, it’s only going to get worse. Tune in to Itura on DStv Africa Magic Showcase CH. 151 to find out if anyone gets lucky in this game of love.