Fatimah's many enemies – Covenant

29 July 2023
From scheming rivals to personal vendettas, her rise to power has left a trail of disgruntled adversaries.
Fatimah's many enemies – Covenant

In the world of politics, making friends is a necessity, but making enemies is inevitable. And for none other than the most powerful woman and Executive Governor, Fatimah Ehru, this rings truer than ever. As she relentlessly pursues power, she's managed to make a few enemies along the way – some by circumstance, and others in the cutthroat pursuit of dominance. Let's take a dive into the intriguing world of Fatimah's foes!

The Ex-Governor who made way for Fatimah
In a game of political chess, Fatimah proved herself a formidable opponent when she outmaneuvered GJG, the then Executive Governor. With her sights set on the throne, she devised a cunning plan, utilizing the art of blackmail to force GJG's resignation. Bravo for Fatimah, but that move earned her an enemy in the process!

The sinister Santiago
Oh, Santiago, the ultimate baddie! Not content with just one act of villainy, he decided to go all out. He orchestrated the murder of Fatimah's stepson and, wait for it, her own husband! Seriously, dude, talk about making enemies with a vengeance! Oh, and let's not forget that embezzlement of millions, which forced Fatimah to unleash the financial crime agency on him. A triple-threat villain, Santiago takes the crown as Fatimah's worst enemy!

The feisty Adaora
Here's a recipe for rivalry: take a pinch of business rivalry, add a dash of husband's side mistress, and voilà! You've got yourself a perfect nemesis for Fatimah. Adaora's stake in the joint business and her role as the husband's side lady were more than enough to ignite a fierce feud. But it doesn't stop there—she goes on to do the unthinkable, brutally murdering Fatimah's husband. Yikes! 

The Ijimakindes
Once upon a time, they were Fatimah's political allies, united and strong. But power does strange things to people. Nkechi Ijiakinde, once claiming to be Fatimah's friend, hatched a plot to undermine her electoral position. As if that wasn't enough, she and her husband went ahead and murdered the Godmother herself—who, drumroll please, happened to be Fatimah's mother! Ouch, that's a stab in the back, literally.

So, there you have it, the juicy rundown of Fatimah's many enemies! Will she conquer her foes or get entangled in their wicked webs? The only thing we know for sure is that with Covenant, there's always an unexpected twist waiting to unfold. Make sure you tune in to DStv Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151 every weekday at 20:00 WAT to find out how Fatimah contends with her foes.