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Social media reacts to Agbako's death - Itura

14 January 2023
Jubilation on the streets of social media as Agbako meets his end.
Agbako dies Itura

After holding the kingdom of Ibaokuta hostage for months and forcing them to pay tributes, Agbako and his men finally met their end. The news was met with a widespread celebration on social media.

Agbako met his demise at the hands of Prince Obafemi, while his accomplice, Akoba, was taken down by Princess Aderiyike. Twitter was abuzz with praise for the heroic duo and they were flooded with accolades and admiration for their bravery.

For Obafemi, this was a defining moment in his journey to prove his mettle and demonstrate his ability to defend his kingdom. In the past, he had struggled to live up to expectations, leading many in Ibaokuta to question if he was worthy of sitting on the throne and many had begun to consider his brother as a more suitable candidate for the throne. This heroic feat changed the mind of everyone including the fans.

For Princess Aderiyike, it was a chance to give her abuser a taste of his own medicine and break free from the hold he once had over her. Fans were pumped as they saw her drive the blade deep into the gut of the man who forcefully wanted to make her his. It was a boss move and a true moment of victory.

With the defeat of these ruthless oppressors, the kingdom of Ibaokuta may finally be able to experience the peace and stability it so greatly needs. The citizens can now celebrate and enjoy their lives without fear for their safety or the burden of exorbitant taxes demanded by Agbako.

Watch the fall of Agbako

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