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If AM TV Show Characters had Youtube channels

29 August 2022
They’d definitely be amazing at it, but what would their channels be about?
Youtube AM Article

“Hi guys, welcome to my channel... Make sure to subscribe!😄”

We actually pictured some of our characters saying this and we found it fascinating. We decided to take it a step further by guessing what their channels would be all about. Judging by the role of each character, it wasn't so hard to figure out what they’d be showcasing on their respective channels. So let's get right into it

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to your AM fave's YouTube channel.

Mama K’s Mob Boss Daily

She’d probably stream her show from her prison cell. How did she get the phone and internet? Mob boss, duh! She can get anything she wants. The entire show will be dedicated to dishing out tips on running a team of henchmen. On the bright side, most of the tips should work on other teams as well. You’d learn how to keep an eye out for sabotage, nip it in the bud when necessary and appropriate punishment. On second thought, ignore the punishment bit. Mama K’s punishment has always been brutal.

Donatus ‘Flatmates from hell’

What better topic for Chief Donatus to discuss than dealing with flatmates from hell? The irony here is that Donatus actually is the flatmate from hell. Ever since he started paying the lion's share of the rent, he has become unbearable to live with. From bullying other flatmates to sending them packing, Chief Donatus has been a handful. Anyway, we’d definitely check out his channel because it’s a struggle living with flatmates and if the flatmate from hell could tell us exactly or to avoid them or live with them, we’d be eternally grateful.

 Kaineto’s ‘The Mogul Diva’

“Hey boss ladies, welcome to another episode of The Mogul Diva and today we will be talking about getting your first million Naira contract.”

Don’t know about you, but she already piqued our interest. The CEO of Protegy Holdings and head of the Waziri family can definitely teach us a thing or two about being moguls or simply just help us live that lifestyle through her. Nothing we love better than a motivational session but with a touch of class, style, and elegance that Kaineto radiates.

Petunia ‘Maid secrets’

Petunia drops the hottest gist straight from the house of the rich and wealthy. She’s got the scoop on secrets that could result in full-blown scandals on these streets. On the side, she gives tips on how to secure your job (which is weird considering she is dishing out her employer's secrets as a hot topic) and how to impress your bosses. We might be upset because she’s dishing out sensitive secrets, but it’s just too juicy to resist. We already know this channel will be a guilty pleasure.

Tejiri’s ‘No nonsense with sense’

Tejiri’s page will be entirely dedicated to tales of her standing her ground and putting trifling men in their place. Occasionally, she'd invite Kaineto and Mama K to her channel to share more tips on female empowerment. Considering the crap life throws at us on some days, we clearly need Tejiri’s No nonsense tips, so count us in as subscribers to her channel.

Yemi’s ‘Diary of a henchman’

Not sure we had the ‘henchman’ option when we were asked to pick what we would like to be when we grow up, but in a way, ain’t we really henchmen? We work for people that demand commitment and loyalty from us. The fact that Yemi has been doing this for years means we can count on him to share several instances that we can all relate to on his channel.

That’s it from us. How about you guys suggest some YouTube channels for your AM Faves? Speaking of YouTube channels, you do know we are on YouTube, right? Click here and check out some of your favourite Africa Magic characters. Don't forget to ‘Subscribe’.